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Marlow Inner Wheel





I am very much looking forward to my year as president of this very vibrant and active club, although I am approaching it with some fear and trepidation as we have had some very organised and talented presidents in the past.


We meet once a month on the first Tuesday evening and have a pub lunch once a month in the third week. There are also Textile lunches (where we knit blankets, toys, baby bonding squares, and little dresses for Aqua boxes) and enjoy a light lunch and fellowship.


Our club was started in 1957 and has gone on from strength to strength. Last year we inducted four new members and I am starting my year with the induction of another new member in September. Attracting new people helps to keep the club from stagnating and we have lots of new and fresh ideas being brought forward. We are also very mindful of the tradition and older members and do not change for the sake of change.


I am very keen that this year should be focused on fun at the same time as we try to  serve and help in the local community, and also help with situations and good causes nationally and internationally as we work together as a team. I know that all the members of the club will give me their full support and together I am sure we will have a great year of fun, fellowship and making a difference.







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